Learning to Breathe

At the end of 2016, there’s only one thing I’m really trying to focus on. At the age of 22, I thought I had understood a good bit about the basics of living. I brush. I eat all my food groups. I move. But here I am, trying to learn how to breathe. 

Of course, this is about running. There’s a whole science behind how to breathe when you run. You can follow an “in-in-out-out” or “in-in-in-out-out-out”. The science shows that learning to control your breath can help you avoid injuries. You can read more here: http://www.runnersworld.com/running-tips/running-on-air-breathing-technique

But don’t we need to learn how to breathe when we are walking as well? What about when we are sitting at a desk, stressed out with what we’ve got going on? Or in traffic, when /that guy/ starts weaving in and out of the lanes? I need to breathe just thinking about it all.

 There is so much to get out of life. But if we starting losing sight of the forest, for the trees…. well we’ve just grown too cliche. It is so easy to get caught up in the noise. Sometimes we forget to ask ourselves how we are doing. Sometimes we neglect to just appreciate how freaking cool that tree is! 

In the age of social media, we have become masters of marketing ourselves. We pick the best selfies. We post the most thrilling adventures. Your 9-5 loses its luster pretty quickly. Your talents start to fade when you look at the bright lights shining 24/7 through your screen. It’s okay to not feel okay. You don’t have to be “on” all the time. You can step away and breathe. You should go to a movie by yourself. You should laugh at your own jokes. Dance in your underwear. Dance fully clothed. Dance. 

Make dumb rhymes.

 Make smart rhymes. 

Set some goals. 

Fail some goals. 

Accept failure.


Accept failure with grace. 

You won’t win at everything, all the time, but you can get something from trying EVERY TIME. When it feels like you’re spinning too fast, slow down. When it feels like you’re running too much - Stop. Breathe. 

(…then get back out there) 


Here's to 2017.

Here's to you.